Ninja Gaiden Developer : Sega Publisher : Sega Genre : Action Beat em up Release : 1991
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Ninja Gaiden is an action game released for the Game Gear in 1991. In 1991, Sega began to release licensed Ninja Gaiden games from Tecmo for their own hardware. In the title screens they all state \"Reprogrammed Game Copyright Sega 199X\", but they\'re completely new original games and not based on any of the previous ones. In this game, Ryu must stop an evil organization from starting World War III after an attempt to steal his sword was made in his home village. On the other hand, the gameplay isn\'t too hot, either. The controls feel rather loose and hectic and most of the weapons got replaced by more common and boring energy shots. At least you can run and slash your sword at the time, making for a very different feel than the other games. The level design is now very simple, and most of the time you just need to rush from left to right, or up a skyscraper while crap is falling down on you. The only refreshing exception brings the fourth (and last!) act, where you have to jump from wall to wall and can make a turn around with certain wall segments. The bosses are easy to beat, but you should never get hit by them when you are right above their heads, because if that happens, you\'ll most likely bounce of and get hit again until you\'re dead, and that doesn\'t take a lot of hits. The graphics look boring and glitchy, and there\'s terrible flickering in the skyscraper stage. Everything\'s bright and colorful, though, so you won\'t have any trouble recognizing stuff. If you\'d play this game for longer than an hour, you\'d certainly get terribly bored. Fortunately, you will probably have finished the game well before that hour passes.
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Ninja Gaiden

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