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Sonic Boy OS 6x, 7x, 8x
Top 5 Recommend Sega Master System Last Update (22-08-2011)
Alien 3
Alien³ is a video game based on the movie of the same name. The plot of the movie picks up directly after the end of Aliens.
The Addams Family
The Addams Family is a side-scrolling platformer based on the movie of the same name. The player takes the role of Gomez who searches for his missing family members.
Power Strike
The Earth is threatened by mutant plant life and their brainwashed human followers. Only one force can stop the evil vegetables from taking root: Power Strike, the most versatile jet fighter in the world. Blast the enemy in the air and and on the ground and save the planet from the creeping green menace.
Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators
Global Gladiators is a fairly standard platform game with the most notable fact being that the characters were created and licensed from McDonalds (yes, THE McDonalds).
Buggy Run
Buggy Run is a game that lets players race dune buggies in a championship over 15 possible tracks (plus 4 in 2 player mode) each winning money that can be used for dune buggy upgrades. There are 4 different modes that can be played in single player mode that includes Race, Vs Com, Freerun, and Battle.
Top 10 Recommend SEGA Master System Games Last Update (03-12-10)

Choplifter! title screen
Choplifter is a side-scrolling action/arcade game that puts you in command of an attack chopper. Your mission: Go behind enemy lines and rescue up to 16 hostages per level. Be careful, though, because tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you -- and they won\'t stop shooting while you are rescuing those hostages!
Rambo : First Blood Part 2
Rambo : First Blood Part 2 title screen
A vertical-scrolling shooter in the tradition of Commando, Ikari Warriors, and Guerrilla War. Rambo and his buddy Zane (who didn\'t appear in the movie) are charged with blasting their way through various levels and rescuing the hostages. Of course, it won\'t be easy -- soldiers, tanks, and other enemies will do everything they can to stop you from saving the day.
Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Wonder Boy in Monster Land title screen
Eleven years have gone by since Tom-Tom rescued his girlfriend Tanya from the clutches of the evil King. Word of Tom-Tom\'s dangerous adventure soon spread throughout Wonder Land. The people were very proud of him and gave Tom-Tom the highest honor of all - the legendary name of Wonder Boy.
Golden Axe
Golden Axe title screen
Sega\'s classic arcade beat-\'em-up game, Golden Axe puts in the shoes of one of three heroes, each with his own reason for trying to overthrow the evil rule of Death-Adder, who - along with his forces of darkness - kidnapped and imprisoned the King and his daughter and stole the legendary Golden Axe. This is a horizontal fighting game, where you basically take one of the three characters (a warrior, a dwarf or an amazon) and bash everything which stands between you and Death Adder himself.
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star title screen
Alis is a young girl whose brother Nero was brutally killed by a mysterious man known as Lassic. Nero\'s last words were: \"Sister, find a warrior named Odin, he can help you to defeat Lassic!\" Now Alis\' dangerous adventure begins. Her first task is to find Odin. Then, with help and support from her friends, Alis will have to stop the evil Lassic and save the world...

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 title screen
Coming back from the vacation Sonic took after foiling the plans of Dr Robotnik, he finds that Tails and all his other animal friends are missing. Sonic finds a letter waiting for him, that reads: \"Dear Sonic, Robotnik is back, and he\'s captured all the animals on the island! He is holding me in a place called the Crystal Egg. In order to free me, you have to find and bring the six Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Chaos title screen
The storyline to Sonic Chaos revolves around Dr. Robotnik and his quest for world domination via the use of the mysterious Chaos Emeralds to create nuclear weapons and lasers (according to the North American instruction manual). Robotnik has stolen the Red Chaos Emerald, causing the other emeralds to \"lose balance\" and be transported to a parallel universe. As a result, South Island is now sinking into the ocean, and it is up to Sonic and Tails to save the island and foil Robotnik\'s plans of world domination.
Penguin Land
Penguin Land title screen
In Penguin Land, you must control a penguin trying to get his (her?) egg down to the bottom of the level, while tunneling through ice to get there. Special egg and penguin blocks may make things easier, while polar bears and falling rocks will almost certainly slow you down. Therefore, it can be recommended to just about anybody who wants to play something totally different.
Pshyco Fox
Pshyco Fox title screen
Psycho Fox is a platform game where you play a fox and you must get through seven worlds, consisting of three areas each. At the end of each world, there are one of seven bosses waiting to destroy you, but some of the later bosses are exactly the same as the earlier ones. The title is a bit misleading because you can also play as three other characters including Hippo, Leopard, and Monkey Boy.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Alex Kidd in Miracle World title screen
Many centuries ago, on the planet Aries, there lived a boy called Alex Kidd. For seven years, he lived on Mt. Eternal studying Shellcore, an ancient art that makes one strong enough to break rocks into pieces. As he was leaving the mountain one day to travel to his spiritual homeland, a dying man told him that the peaceful city of Radactian was in grave danger. Before taking his last breath, the man gave Alex a piece of a map and a medallion made of Sun Stone.

Top 10 Recommend sega master system games this week 21-11-10

Xenon 2
Xenon 2 title screen
The sequel to Xenon, it was designed by the Bitmap Brothers (although coded by The Assembly Line). It became one of their most well-known titles, and is a classic of its genre. Story : After the Xenites defeat in the Galactic Conflict (that took place in the first Xenon), the Xenites have returned with a plan to wipeout the player\'s history by planting four bombs....
Double Dragon
Double Dragon title screen
Story : Set in a post-apocalyptic New York, Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers trained in the fighting style of Sou-Setsu-Ken. Together, they manage a small martial arts training school, teaching their students in self-defense. One day, Billy\'s girlfriend, Marian, is kidnapped off the street by the \"Black Warriors\", a savage street gang led by a man named Willy.
Shinobi sms title screen
You control a ninja, Shinobi, who must battle his way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself with. As well as the powerful ninja magic which can clear the screen of enemies in one go.
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy title screen
Just when things were going great with Tom-Tom and his girlfriend Tanya, some thug of a woodland king had to kidnap her and hide her away, and Tom-Tom doesn\'t have a clue where. That\'s why he has to explore deep dark forests, cross endless oceans, climb treacherous slopes, survive endless volcanoes, and even walk through clouds. But Tom-Tom will never be totally alone.
Tom and Jerry : The Movie
Tom and Jerry the movie title screen
As in the popular cartoon series, Tom the cat is once again after that little mouse Jerry. The player plays as Tom, a curious catwho will do anything to get his paws on that trouble-maker mouse, Jerry. Tom tries to catch Jerry as he runs through six different levels.

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World title screen
Alex Kidd continues his adventures in Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, featuring remixes of the music you heard from Shinobi, and featuring the common enemy: Ninjas. The Dark Ninja, whom was banished 10,000 years ago, has returned to rule Miracle World. He also takes young Alex\'s girlfriend and use her as a sacrifice.
Action Fighter
Action Fighter title screen
This is a top down vertically scrolling shooter, in which you start off as a motorbike. You are quite vulnerable to attack at first, but power ups come in the form of a Sega van which you have to dock with. The first time you dock you get double fire, the second time gives you a rocket, the third gives a rear force field and the fourth invulnerablility.
Alladdin master system title screen
Aladdin (アラジン) is a platform game developed by Sims on Master System, and published by Sega in 1994. It is based on Disney\'s movie of the same name. The game is split into nine stages, split into three types of gameplay.
Michael Jackson\'s Moonwalker
Michael Jackson\'s Moonwalker sega master system title screen
Michael Jackson\'s Moonwalker is pretty much based on the Michael Jackson movie. Mr. Big has kidnapped the children and has nasty things in store for them, like drugging them and making them slaves. It\'s up to Michael to use his powers and save his little friends.
Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble sms title screen
Bubble Bobble is the story of two humans, Bub and Bob who wander into the mysterious cave of monsters and magically turn into dinosaurs. The only way to transform back is to reach the end of the cave... Bubble Bobble is a platform game, with each level being a single screen.